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Bar training program


We offer you an assessment service for Bar, improving what your business already has or even create a new cocktail list design, according to your business


It's unique and exclusively adjusted for you.


Some of the services we can provide you:


  • Creation of a concept for a Bar or renew yours

  • Bar Menu creation

  • Raise your bar menu value

  • Create and adapt technical files to modern management

  • Cost analysis

  • Staff training

  • Hazar Analysis Critical Control Points ( HACCP)

  • Organize and implement methods and standarts

  • (Re)design the bar struture

  • optimization of new ways of working methods.




 All this can be complemented with the following courses:


  • Cocktail Bar

  • Modern Mixology

  • Sensorial Mixology

  • Craft Flair

  • Creative Mixology

  • Bar Management

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