Hotel Butler Training Program



Our training programs are focused on the present team of Butlers, creating new objectives technics and competencies to improve and cope with the new challenges of the millennials and all guests demands or build a new team with the present staff of the hotel.


We will prepare, develop and evaluate the capacities of the individual to perform the Butler service to a very high standard within the hotel.


The course will incorporate numerous skills including:


Technics to make and read a wishing list | How to anticipate the client demands |  Wines |  Valeting services | Grooming | Housekeeping |Maintenance and care of equipment | Creating magic moments | Events and PA duties | The “waw” impression | advanced medical training | Children care | Teenagers entertainment | Honeymoon needs | Butler Methods & Innovation. 


Capacity Building


Individual capacity development | Be pro-active | Butler Mentality | Butler duties, obligations and attitude | Types of service, competencies and differential role in the service | Understands concepts, entertainment and events | Like being anticipatory, friendly not familiar | Privacy and confidentiality, invisible and available




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