Xahvi Luxury Collection

Our Mission

There is so much life has to offer, but so little time to make it all happen…

The Xavhi Collection is your door to an exclusive world of luxurious benefits, designed specially to enhance your lifestyle.

Exclusivity, privacy and providing personalised services, are all the top qualities that we offer in order to set a very high standard service, leaving you feeling cared for and special. For us, attention to detail and outstandingly tailored services are the key to ensuring the best possible experience for our clients.


For our bespoke team, no request is too small or too big, we are dedicated to staging the remarkable and unforgettable.

We have partnered with the best professionals with the ultimate in exclusivity, modern conveniences and attentive service. Ensuring that we meet individualised needs, we believe building relationships is the cornerstone to building trust.

We guarantee a first-class service, giving you peace of mind that we will meet and exceed your expectations on any task, at any time.

If it´s important to you, it´s important to us.

Our exclusive Villas 

Our international Butler services are available not only in our exclusive Villas and Islands, but anywhere you wish.

Necker Island
The Brando
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Snow Collection
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Our Private Islands


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