A Butler is like a button that olds the family together


Will that be all, madam?



Household butler


“ A Butler is like a button that holds the family together.”


Butlers that provides high levels of personal service can be found in homes of all sizes depending on the service needs of the owners. Understands concepts like being anticipatory, friendly not familiar, privacy and confidentiality, invisible and available.


Oversees and organizes the duties and schedule of domestic staff, answers residence phone, receives guests at the door and supervises the reception of visitors.



Keep the household budgets and inventory supplies, oversee vendors and contracted services, packing and travel preparations, understands social etiquette, organize parties and events in the house. Responsible for the proper table settings, serve and prepare meals and drinks.


Knowledgeable about wines, spirits and cigars. Coordinates with other staff as needed as well as with other’s employer organization.

Knowledge of:

-Cleaning and maintenance

-Care of clothing.

-Care of fine china, silver, crystal.

-Care and inventory of artwork and antiques.

-Maintenance of automobiles.

-Security of their employer and residence.

-Co-ordination and scheduling of service contractors.

The skills required for a household Butler are various and should be compatible with the expected demands of the “ Principal”.



We at Butlers Academy undertake a 3 days or 2 weeks, in house, training to prepare what it needs for a modern Butler.


We provide to our trainees the “ problem solving” and the “ get it done “ attitude in a professional, special, highly training from different areas within the household to pride themselves on providing the best service to their Principal and make themselves stand out from others.


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