Standarts will always relate your business with someone's desire 


Every time your vision grows, your business must grow with it



We are continuously working together with the best hospitality experts from around the globe.


We connect your company with the best experts, hand-picked training consultants to advise you in a Taylor made program required to upgrade your company and overcome your customer's expectations.


From only a reported secret guest visit to a diagnostic team interview to know their level of motivation and expectations, or even prepare your team to new markets and trends, we have the perfect tools for your business.


Teaching, preparing and motivate a team to built your high-quality product and tailor the guest experience to your vision, culture, and destination.


We have a complete training program for each business model at every level, from the basics to Michelin Star chefs training interaction or world awarded bartenders.


We also believe that your unit is more than welcome to receive our Food Lab, a workshop totally interactive for customers and professionals. A place where we present the highest and latest, art, technology, food, and beverage trends. All presented by the authors themselves. 


In business nothing is static, everything is dynamic, that is why our highly qualified team is ready to make any kind of adjustments in your business. Starting with any department, from the housekeeping to the f&b, from the front office to management, or even prepare your own Hotel butler, we can give a big contribution to achieve your goals and overcome customer expectations.


Either for a Hotel or Restaurant, our programs are totally adapted to your needs and adjusts according to your business, we assure you that our direct approach as a professional reported assessment will dictate your needs as well as our mission.








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